Update on shopping cart and new design info

Update on shopping cart and new design info

We have been working on new designs since September and most of them are either in production or ready for production. We have a few more designs to finish, that is to perfect but the process is going very well. Looks like I will be doing another fitting in a couple of days. One of the new designs I talked about in an earlier post is based on the Cock Smoker. The Cock Smoker is one of our very best selling sex/ penis display suits. While wearing it I came up with an additional design that includes a very tight spandex shaft sleeve that allows your cock head to be completely exposed. I love designs that get me harder than I thought possible. Last week when I tried it on my cock was maxed out. All the veins were bulging out. It was like I was 16 again. The spandex sleeve fit perfectly and I was so aroused you could see the outline of the veins in the spandex. Everyone though it looked great. As I was modeling it one of the girls said we need to check everything and pulled out a butt plug that goes with the design. A little lube and in it went. It was impossible to get any harder but the plug instantly started a massive flow of Pre-cum.  Like I said…perfect.


The new shopping cart is working great!!! Thanks for all the input. Feel free to e-mail me if you are having any problems or have any questions about it. Hinc28@socal.rr.com

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9 thoughts on “Update on shopping cart and new design info”

  1. Mmmmm… I am moist now! I got a g string from another maker with a sleeve like that for my BF! It is just darling and is made from sheer glistenette. He stays hard the whole time, and it makes his dydoe piercing look soooo cute!

  2. Hi, Michael, I’ve been getting in touch with anal pleasure in new ways and have been experiencing new heights of ecstasy, including prostate orgasms, with my explorations. In the past I had enjoyed mainly topping but find that I now crave being fucked over fucking, whether by dick or device!

    Looking over your anal toys, I’m gravitating toward the Butt Plunger, and if I’m not mistaken, the product photos show your lovely ass progressively taking the plunge! (Those pics are very hot, by the way, and great jacking material.) Wondering how your own experiences have been with this toy?

    I’m also interested in the Emotional Metal series: the Anal Me and Sly Bar look exciting, too. Frankly, the Titan is compelling, too – looking at the pics of this baby and the handsome model fucking himself with it (imagining myself doing the same or him doing it to me) can send me over the edge. But it may be a bit too “advanced” at this point?

    Interested in your thoughts – perhaps the Butt Plunger, and Emotional Metal Me and Sly Bar are similar in “intensity” and best at this point? Any other products in this “league?”

    Goodness, these questions have gotten me rather horny, and my dick’s hard and glistening. Time to go treat my hungry ass to one of my current toys while dreaming of one or more of yours!

    Looking forward to any ideas or recommendations you may have. Thanks! Jay

    Jay you are right that was my ass and it felt great the Butt Plunger is a great tool for beginners and guys really into anal. I also enjoy the smooth feel of the Emotional metal toys with the Sly Bar being one of my favorites.

  3. Sound marvelous… just get really horny by reading the description of that new suit… Reminds me the first time I have wear a koala grey sheer penis display suit with the cock cage and how I was horny as hell… Precum flowing… So turned-on that I have called at your office to thank you for that magic… can’t wait to try that new suit that will stimulate my hot cock and my lovely butt!

  4. Thanks for the quick reply, Michael. I’ll order the Butt Plunge and Emotional Metal Sly Bar, based on your recommendation. Looking forward to having them in my insatiable hole. Thanks again!

    You will enjoy them. Let me suggest you use a silicone lube

  5. There is nothing like anal sex to enjoy marvelous pleasure. Was wearing a double ass spark under the Orgasm Bikini , fully milking and had blow a huge load in my sui while my lady was rubbing my bulge… my suit was totally wet…. thank you for that amazing tools Michael!

    Sounds like fun!

  6. Oh, boy, “enjoy” doesn’t begin to describe the sensations! My favorite of the two is the Butt Plunge. The combination of the cold stainless steel entering my ass; the round graduated/increased-size ridges encountering my hole; and by the time the largest one is coming through, my ass just pulls it in – holy fuck!

    It’s hot to look at the photos of your ass taking on (and in) this toy – while mine is in me. Great jerking fodder! I also love to fuck myself, gently and slowly, with it – those ridged balls going in and out of my ass just send me. It’s a noisy process – I do a lot of moaning and when I cum with this bad boy in me, you can hear me for miles!

    It’s inside me now, as a matter of fact, and I’ve been edging my hard glistening dick, bringing new definitions of ecstasy. I’ve already had a couple of prostate orgasms, and I’m going to sign off and work my dick to a mind-blowing conclusion. Next up – now that I’ve gotten acquainted with my new toy, it’s time to share it with my boyfriend. More to be revealed.

    I’m a thoroughly satisfied customer!

    I’m hard just reading this. Thanks!

  7. Continuing to love my new toys, the Sly Bar and Butt Plunge. The Sly Bar takes some getting used to because it’s heavy, but once I’ve got a good rhythm going, I can fuck myself to nirvana! It’s funny – I was always a top, and my boyfriend a confirmed bottom, and I wasn’t so into my ass being what it has become: a source of unbelievable joy and ecstasy. I love having my boyfriend “top” me with these metal tickets to heaven. We recently had a three-way and I was over the moon having our friend fuck me with the Sly Bar. I’m such an exhibitionist, and having my hole so open and wanton (and wanting) just makes me so horny. When I cum in these situations, it’s like I’m a teenager again – I shoot so hard, sometimes drenching my face. I love the taste of cum, so that’s a great bonus!

    Is there a way of sending photos anywhere on your website? Would love to share, unless that’s not feasible.

    Of course, the Butt Plunge is in me now, driving me wild. I love to have two fingers gently inserted as well – just the tips. Time to sign off and give my ass some attention. And I’ve got a raging hard dick begging for release! Thanks again, Michael.

    Wonderful! I love hearing about ass play!
    You can post photos in the free section at http://www.koalamensclub.com it is not part of our site but it is ran by a friend. Post them and let me know when they are up I will add a link here!

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