More about thongs


I enjoyed wearing a thong the other day so much so that I feel it is time to make an even more perfect one. I need a thong that covers very little, has a nice tight pouch and covers at least a little bit between the legs for when the police come to take a look. Too bad they are not coming by to take a lickJ I started sketching down some ideas. I want the top area of the rear to be a standard thong but I want to round it off before it goes between the cheeks with just a spaghetti style strap maybe a ¼” wide making the journey. I want the strap to travel right past the hole and fit snuggly against the anal area. Once it passes the hole right as it comes between the legs is where I will have some added fabric to give the illusion that everything is covered. Anyone wanting to know for sure would need to spread the cheeks and take a close look.