The Fall line-up is out what’s next?


As most of you already know our Fall designs are online and ready to go. So what’s next? I am already working on a number of new designs some of which I just tried on today. One such design is a take-off of our extremely popular Cock Shorts. I received many e-mails asking me if we had something like that design with the option of fully exposing your cock. Years ago we had a design called the Bulls Eye shorts with the penis fully displayed. I decided to do the Cock shorts with a removable cock shaped pouch. I tried the first sample on today and the fit overall was excellent but the cock pouch which looked exactly like the one on the Cock Shorts did not fully cover the balls. We figured out what changes are needed and these shorts are going to be amazing. While wearing them with my cock hard and exposed, the built in adjustable cock ring does a very nice job of keeping me hard I realized we needed an additional model. We will be offering another design with the butt plug holder built in. Butt plug powered suits are extremely popular in our line but I think offering it both with and with-out will be the way to go. I have not had on a pair of Bulls Eye shorts for years and I forgot how much fun it is to walk around in short shorts with my cock on display. These should be a blast at a spandex party.


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  1. Think about making some crazy male tights : buttplug inside, penis display style or anything wild like only you can do1

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