3 thoughts on “New toys and male chastity gear online now!”

  1. You should create a cock cage that not only locks by the cock ring, but has a locked hinge on the front section to be able to unlock and expose just the tip of the cock, to allow a “slave” his release to cum, but have no choice but to continue the wear the cage after.

  2. Awsome toys and gears… Wow, it just get hotter in the land of the sexiest dudes on earth. That’s how you should live your sexuality by exploring every sides of your inner self. Love the pics with lady that are totally sexy and delicious. How she is looking? My cock got hard while I see her sexy hands manipulating ass sparks in your hot ass!

  3. this new chastity gear looks perfect! one thing I have noticed is the “give-point”, or hinge-effect, between the cage and the cock ring. The one I have now eats my sack terribly. There are a number of the cages that I will have to eventually obtain. think someone who has actually worn a cage developed these; pics are hot!, as well.

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