Photo shoot and no beach day thanks to the President


We had a fun photo shoot the other day doing all sorts of new male chastity cages, a few new Oxball products and some very interesting anal gear including a new double sided stainless steel dildo that one of the female models and myself had a great time with. These new items should be online in the next two to three weeks. The weather is still beautiful here and I wanted to take a few hours tomorrow and hit the beach but lucky for us President Obama will be in town and the traffic mess he brings with him makes the trip down there not worth doing. Guess I will have to wait for the weekend. I am going to see the girls on Friday and they have a number of new designs for me to try on. Hope the fem shorts are ready to go!


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2 thoughts on “Photo shoot and no beach day thanks to the President”

  1. Lucky boy to have that fun with a double sided dildo with a lady. That’s amazing and nothing is like anal sex with a gorgeous girl. You must be wet as hell and you surely blow a huge load of hot cum…mmmm… Do you like to eat your own cum? I LOVE IT and I really enjoy tasting my precum while masturbating and playing with someone. I am totally hard now, will need to pack that cock in a tiny suit and feel the pressure on thr spandex…

    It is fun!

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