Swim and fetish wear fittings are always fun but not always perfect


Today was one of those not so perfect days when it comes to trying on new designs. Most of what I tried on today needed to go back for revisions. Pouches that were not perfect, micro shorts with leg lengths not short enough or showing enough cheek, ass stretcher plugs not in the right position for penetration and the list goes on. It was just one of those days. That said it is always fun to have your penis handled, to be penetrated in front of a group of people, to be stretched, to have your cock changed into a vagina and so on. Just another day at the office:-)

We did have one exceptional happening today on a product we have been trying to get just right for a number of years. We have what I believe and our customers tell us are awesome penis enlargement stretchers. The one thing we have never had was a penis stretcher that works well when wearing pants or shorts. Something you can use when you leave the house, at work, driving in your car, going to the movies…you get the idea. The girls made my vision of this design just about perfect and that is after trying it for all these years. I did not know they were still working on it but one of the girls said she had a great idea for making it work and created the sample which I tried on today. It is nothing short of amazing and with a couple of tweaks it will see production in our next collection.


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