Dream pair of short shorts


One of the designs I tried on the other day was a pair of Ass Spark powered short shorts.  I was eager to create a pair of micro shorts that could use any of our Ass Spark combination butt plug cock ring designs to hold the rear and the front section of the shorts together. I wanted a pair that would show the metal rod between the legs and yet still be something you could wear out while doing your garden, going to the beach, shopping in the store and maybe even doing a workout. The new Penetration Shorts from our Fall 2014 collection have been an amazing success and with the different butt plug options the excitement of wearing shorts that keep a plug deep inside of you adds a whole new level of enjoyment. Adding a design that used an Ass Spark seemed to me to be a natural addition to our line and something I wanted badly to try myself. The new design was fantastic though we needed to make a change to the pouch so it would work more effectively with the cock ring. I liked them so much that I decided we should make them in a standard micro short length and an extra low cut pair. I can’t wait to try them on again next week!