Website issues and new toys

We have had problems with the website the last few days but I believe they have been fixed as of this morning. If you placed an order no worries we received it but if you were having trouble looking at products on the site please try again it should be working fine. The new designs are coming along nicely but just not as fast as I would like. I’m told patience is a virtue one that I am working on.

I found a few very nice new cock rings we will be adding to our collection next month one that features a hinged design which makes it very easy for men new to cock rings to use along with a monster anal hook that features a bunch of metal balls to go up your ass which I can’t wait to try out!


Men’s swimwear


One thought on “Website issues and new toys”

  1. Love your stuff & have small collection. Can you add a medium size anal ring to your “Close Shave” or “Daddy’s Boy” G-string? I’ve found that getting fucked through an anal spreader (attached to one of the G-strings I got from you) is really hot. The anal spreader rings are also great for keeping in place some new toys I’m getting.

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