Happy New Year!


I hope and wish you a wonderful New Year filled with good health, happiness and lots of sexy swimwear and fetish wear!

We will do everything we can to help you with the sexy stuff and adding additional happiness into the mix.

We should have an update in the next few days on how the production of the new collection is coming along and how long it will be until it is online. We will also be shooting some new chastity and anal gear products in the next week or so.  I am even thinking about adding men’s spandex workout tights to our line. I am just exploring this right now but I would love to hear what you think about it. Would you be interested in wearing workout tights? Do you think they are sexy?


Best wishes for the New Year

Michael David



Men’s Swimwear

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. I wear workout tights regularly. I’d be interested in full length and 3/4 length tights. They need a back seam to sit nicely though and then a proper pouch on the front – just like your shorts do. Feminising tights would also be cool.
    Black is a must, titanium gray would work too…even the KS logo down the leg would be fun.

  2. Hi Mike, Go for the tights and the more revealing the better. I wear them all the time – white in the summer and black ruberized spandex in the winter. A pouch is essential and butt dividing seam is really sexy. The need to be cleverly cut so the cock and ball pouch is out in front – i wear a cock ring for a great look. Hope you go ahead with a design.
    Cheers, david
    PS they MUST be really skin tight!!

  3. I agree on 3/4 length, I think gray is a very attractive spandex color. A good butt seam would be perfect. As for the pouch, I would rather be a flat front on the front as I wear now, I always see wandering eyes without an accenting pouch.
    Happy New Year to ALL!

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