Amazing beach weekend!


I hit the beach both days this weekend with Saturday being as hot as I can ever remember for this time of the year. It must have been about eighty on the sand. Saturday I went with a couple of girlfriends and I had on my little Streamline Micro. One of the girls had never been with me to the beach and  she could not believe how small my swimsuit was. She blushed when I pulled off my Flamingo shorts to expose my little bikini. What did she expect from a man wearing pink shorts anyway? Sunday was a little cooler and I decided to go on my own for an extremely peaceful afternoon. There was a wonderful breeze coming off the water and I decided to go ultra fem, I guess all the talk about Bruce Jenner has my feminine side all wound up. I picked the Party Girl Bikini which makes a man as fem as he can ever be. The front is very small and the lips just a little subdued. I was on my back the entire time since I did not want my tiny thong tan to be affected. I am quite sure I confused a lot of male joggers of which there was a constant stream coming by me. I have said this many times and Sunday was no different, these Fem style suits are total girl magnets. I ended up with girls on every side of me and one decided to go topless. My educated guess is a completely feminine man is interesting to look at and the girls obviously feel completely at ease around me.

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  1. Hello David,
    You should hot link your designs that you wear/mention in your blog so we can check them out!! I could not find the streamlined micro that you mentioned.

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