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  1. Years ago, back when NY was still fun, I was walking up 8th Avenue and this hot guy moved his messenger bag over to expose the front of his white biker shorts, showing me his rock hard cock inside the spandex. I turned around and followed him and his beautiful musclebutt down the street until we got to the corner and I asked him if he wanted to come over. He did and we sucked and fucked all afternoon. He was totally shaved, and posed for me in a tiny white swimsuit cut down in a V in front to the base of his stiff cock. He had me try it on for him, too, since my rod was shaved smooth also.

  2. Mike, Do you still make the lycra shorts (similar to bicycle shorts – fairly high waist and down the thigh legs) with the pouch in the front? I bought a pair some years ago and want more. I started wearing a silicon male chastity device and these shorts with the pouch feel absolutely wonderful! Better than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve tried a number of pouch underwear – cotton, lycra, etc. from mainstream u-wear manufacturers but yours are perfect. I want more. There may be enough male chastity market to bring them back (assuming you discontinued them). I remember you advertised them as “perfect for water sports”, and had a model on a jetski in the catalog. Thanks, look forward to hearing from you. Jeff

    1. Sorry but we are not offering them at this time but you never know we could bring them back if there seems to be a demand.

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