New shorts with built in Ass Spark



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We are almost there on the new Shorts that are open between the legs to expose the Ass Spark cock ring anal plug. The Ass Spark literally holds the shorts together. This pair was almost perfect but almost is not good enough and the girls decided that they wanted to try three more different takes on the same design. We all know that one of them will be perfect and lucky for me I enjoy all that penetration with an audience. There is nothing like loving hands guiding an Ass Spark deep inside of me to perk up my day.


2 thoughts on “New shorts with built in Ass Spark”

  1. It would be really great to see a design that has an adjustable cock ring with a butt plug in the back. Similar ones you have now come only with an ass spark. Variety is fun!


  2. Damn, gonna buy tha sgorts as soon as it’s available. Would be so fun to see pics of you and the girls who help you to insert that object of pure magic.

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