Tights gone wild


I can’t believe how many e-mails I have had about tights. I’m sorry that I have not got back to each and every one of you but I will, I am working my way through all of them. I am also amazed that I have not been able to find any tights on the market that can be used at the gym and are designed to completely show off the ass. Most of the tights flatten your butt out, some show the shape of the butt but I have not found a pair that goes deep between the cheeks like they are having sex with you.  That is what I am looking for. The bulge is not an issue at all since if we end up making tights they will come in many bulge shapes and sizes. Our newest collection of suits is not going to be out by the end of February but most likely by the end of March. Some of the styles have proved very difficult to manufacture and when it comes to my girl’s perfection is the only acceptable outcome.


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4 thoughts on “Tights gone wild”

  1. Yeah, I really want to feel thats tights that goes deep in my ass. Already feel the precum leaking in the spandex…. Can’t wait to have mines!

  2. Am really excited to hear that you are looking to manufacture tights for us men who are in love with everything spandex. I personally gave up wearing anything but spandex clothes a long time ago. Still have my first pair of black spandex jeans I acquired in 1974. I have just received my first Zentai suit in a light purple and its awesome. Hoping to see you making tights and leggings in the near future, like your cock shorts. Peace Craig

  3. Try to make a scruchie butt style to your tights if you want an awsome butt definition. It would be original and sexy as hell. Can’t wait to have my Koala’s tights!

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