Summer like days, tights and new swimwear designs

Still getting surprise beach days in March. Last Saturday was a fluke. It was eighty degrees on the beach, no breeze and almost as hot as it gets in the middle of summer. This type of weather brings out lots of people and needless to say I was one of them. This time of year with all the collage games on TV most of the men seemed to be somewhere else but there were lots of girls and a number of thongs and G-strings. I was right in the mix wearing my micro suit I was. completely shaved and looking very summer like with my nice dark tan. The valley portion of Los Angeles near Koala is only about twenty miles inland from the beach and is much hotter most of the year. We had quite a few 70 s to 80s throughout February and I took advantage of some pool time.

Sample tights

I am beginning to think with the right tights you are as close to being nude in public, at the gym in front of all the guys and girls or just running in your neighborhood as is legally possible and still be fully covered . I have been ordering tights trying on different styles. I still have not found any that are close to what I am looking for. That said I gave my girls one of the pairs I liked and had them change the rear so it goes deeper between the cheeks. I should have that sample back any day. We are also in the process of making a couple samples of deep penetrating spandex leggings. I can’t wait to try them on!


The new collection is still on target for the end of this month I am keeping my fingers crossed and starting to look for new models.


6 thoughts on “Summer like days, tights and new swimwear designs”

  1. It will be really exciting to wear that penetrating tights… Gonna get some for sure. I am sure that you will make one with buttplug holder. You are always on the edge of sexy things for open mind dudes.

  2. i just purchased some flamingo shorts. they are awesome! if you can make long tights that can fit like that then you have a winner. up here in seattle i wear tights most of the year. love the slicker tight tight spandex. the design of the flamingo shorts is fantastic–they fit like they are painted on. my girlfriend says they look good on me. love some long tights that fit that tight in the rear yet are on the more modest side in the front. excited just thinking about wearing them in public!!

  3. Hi Mike – If you have not already have a look at the N2N black “muscle skins” leggings/tights. They are a good skin tight fit and the pouch is great, all the need is a deeper seam in the back to accentuate our butts. You might like the style which is the closest thing I have found to what you seem to be aiming for. I can’t wait to have a pair of yours when they arrive. Cheers David

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