Yoga and spandex shorts continued



I have been wearing these very lightweight and expensive running shorts from Japan. I needed something longer than the Koala micro shorts. Since these shorts are single ply spandex you can see the entire shape of my penis which during the intense workouts is extremely small, I would venture to say not much larger than most of the girl’s spandex bulges. It is mostly girls in my class and they are all warm and friendly.  I might try a yoga class in West Hollywood to see what they hip young boys are wearing. I can already see that there is a better way to make spandex yoga shorts for men (the Koala way) and that is something I am going to start on right away. I might even get a couple designs ready and introduced well before the summer collection. I would love your input.


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6 thoughts on “Yoga and spandex shorts continued”

  1. I think a pair of tights that separate your butt cheeks would be great. Also a pair that is really tight and fitting that shows the outline of your penis and that is see through just a little bit. The kind of see through that you have to stare at.

  2. TightTightTight and Tight. Not having to wear underwear goes without saying. I like the ideas mentioned above. I think a real man’s booty short is what’s missing. Once again, the girls get to have all the fun.

  3. Hey Michael, Do you have any more pouchless designs planned for the next round of new suits??? I just love suiting my BF up and displaying his smooth cock and balls!!! My favorite designs use a splitter strap and G string rear. I bought him the Money Shot, but would like it in a different color with a g string rear or a small triangle over the butt! We have a girlfriend we play with and that suit gives us each a ball to worship and lick. He just explodes when we worship his plums like that!!! Yummy!!

    Also, I love the small pouch designs like “Work That Cock Bikini”, but I wish that it had a G string rear. I’d adore a pouch suit in a semi shear that gives a glimpse of his piercings.

    I’ve always loved micro suits for myself, and seeing other girls in them makes my heart race and my kitty wet. When I found Koala, I found a new love for the boys and their beautiful anatomy.

    Kisses Lizzy,

    PS Please don’t forget about the pouchless suits and those of us who love them!

  4. I love the idea of you developing yoga shorts. I’ve been wearing bicycle shorts all the years I’ve been practicing. I’ve even been contemplating attending a nude yoga class that’s in the city. Yoga has been amazing in keeping me in shape. I hope you design different levels of exposure when you do. As I’m a member of the professional community, I can’t be too daring in my local class, but would be more so when venturing outside my local area. Keep up the good work.

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