Yoga and spandex


I have started taking a Yoga class at a very busy studio in Los Angeles. I am very new to Yoga having tried it a few times but I have never been to classes like this that are geared for new students. A girl friend of mine said I would be much better off taking Yoga at a studio from a pro rather than at my gym at least until I know what I am doing. After taking two classes I think it might be a while until I get the movements down. I know it is not a completion and it is meant to be a hard but relaxing workout yet I am not used to being so bad at something πŸ™‚

Before I started the class I had decided to wear nothing but spandex. I know that most girls wear leggings, tights or spandex shorts and I wanted to do the same. There was nothing sexual about my choice just for the comfort.


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  1. When you are a beginner you need an instructor who will help you with alignment. Get someone trained in Iyengar or Anusara who has been teaching for a long time, because every minute invested there will pay you back 100 fold.

    Frankly, it’s tedious to get a lot of alignment feedback. The alternative is debilitating injuries. Learn slowly, learn well, then you will be able to protect yourself.

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