I tried on tights today


I find it amazing that when we start working on new designs my girls always seem to blow me away. I tried on one of the new work-out tights/yoga pants today and they were fantastic. This pair was done in a supplex style spandex that is a very soft fabric and with its four-way stretch looked like it was painted on my body. This is one of our first samples and the fit was perfect. If you can imagine the best fitting tights/yoga pants you have ever seen a girl wearing at the gym these were just as form fitting and complementing to my body, my ass has never looked so good.  The pouch stood out firm and proud of being filled with cock(in my case not that much but it still looked great) We are still trying to make sure we can produce them to our standards and efficient enough to be able to do them in the USA. There are a lot of companies that make them in China but I am not willing to do that.

I wanted to tell all the wonderful people who follow this blog that I am going to double my efforts and try to do at least two to three posts per week like I used to do.


Men’s swimwear, spandex micro shorts and fetish wear

4 thoughts on “I tried on tights today”

  1. Awesome so far. Have you thought about making some tights that make you look like a girl. Those shorts you just came out with made me think about that.

  2. What about the Kiss It shorts with a hole cut out so the Grommet plug is exposed. Or so that one of the Oxballs fuck plugs can be worn and the hole not covered by fabric. For that open hole naughty feel while sunning or swimming?

    1. I like it.
      Not sure the girls will be thrilled about trying that but I will check on it.

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