Koala customers thanks for being amazing!

The new suits have only been online for about 24 hours and the response has been fantastic. I am so happy you guys love the new designs has much as I do!

The two hottest sellers so far are the:

Lady Gear Shorts and the Tight End Bikini

BTW: that is my man pussy in those shorts.


2 thoughts on “Koala customers thanks for being amazing!”

  1. I recently made my first Koala purchase and WOW! The quality the workmanship the fit are all exceptional. When you buy for the first time from any one nowadays you don’t know what you will get. Some great pictures and descriptions can sell you once. Put hard earned money out and get less than you hope for you don’t come back. Every piece I bought was not good not great but perfect in every way! Thank you to the designers the seamstresses everyone superb job. Customer forever S. Ford

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