New idea for a micro swimsuit…what do you think? 2 posts in one day WOW!!!!



While getting a little R&R the other day an idea came to me. Some of my best design ideas come when I am wearing a sexy swimsuit in fact most of them do. I wear my suits very low and extremely close to the shaft with balls and shaft in a very small skin tight little pouch. The thought came to me to create a design that cancels out the shaft by incorporating it into the waist band and making and even smaller pouch just for the balls. We offer a few designs now that cancel out the balls and have our most micro pouches just for the compressed shaft but this would be just for the compressed balls. The visual effect would be an extremely small pouch with no room for the actual penis which would be right at the waist line of the suit compressed down and held in place with no one knowing it was right there. Any thoughts on the designs…can you visualize it?


One thought on “New idea for a micro swimsuit…what do you think? 2 posts in one day WOW!!!!”

  1. Michael, let me suggest a little something a little different, but regarding balls. Love ’em, BTW! Picture a spandex ring to encircle the balls, add a splitter strap through the middle, maybe a pretty chain? Add a waist strap the attaches to each side of the ring, and a but strap. Can you picture this?? The cock will be completely free, but the balls held firmly and looking beautiful!

    Kisses, Lizzy

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