Funny beach days


Talk about two completely different beach days just one day apart on the same beach but the make-up of people were like night and day. Saturday must of been a special holiday in Los Angeles. My guess is that someone was calling it men’s thong and G-string day at Marina Del Ray. I could not believe how many wonderful men there were tanning in the tiniest of men’s swimwear designs. 99% of the time I am the guy wearing the smallest micro swimsuit but on Saturday there were at least three other guys wearing G-strings even smaller than my suit. I even spotted a couple men power walking wearing thongs an almost magical site. Sunday was a complete reversal of that. I ended wearing a pair of micro shorts and hung out half of the day with a favorite girl both of us staying under the umbrella and enjoying sea breeze. I might have had a little too much sun on Saturday. All around us within a few feet and has far as the eye could see were women and younger girls wearing thongs and barely there 70+% exposed ass Brazilian style suits. There were many fewer men in skimpy swimsuits on Sunday. I hope this is a precursor to next weekend when we get a ton of men and women together wearing micro swimsuits.

4 thoughts on “Funny beach days”

  1. I was also there on Saturday wearing a Monaco Micro and was pleased to see so many other guys in thongs and g strings. In the time I was there I counted nearly a dozen.

  2. I will be visiting Oahu later in the year and want to be able to wear my Kola swimsuits at the beach. Are there beaches in Oahu where there are other men wearing tiny swim suits, thongs and G-strings?

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