Vacation time and more male chastity pleasure


The girls are out on vacation this week but when they come back we are starting eleven new designs that I will offer more details in the next post. Hope everyone in the USA has a wonderful 4thand that in the parts of the world where it is summer you are having a great time. For those of you now in winter hope you are having fun playing with your cocks in our fetish gear.

On the extreme fun side we received a number of new male chastity designs this week along with some anal gear. We will be doing another photo shoot for the new products next week. It is very intense gear and the shoot should be fun. I thought I would include a photo of one of the designs from the photo shoot last week.



Men’s Swimwear


One thought on “Vacation time and more male chastity pleasure”

  1. I love playing with my BF’s cock in tour fetish gear!

    I hope you have some g strings in the new lineup. I love the penis shaped pouch designs and the pouchless numbers that display the sexy goods. You guys must feel so sexy in that gear, especially when smooth! I know my girlfriend and I are transformed when we wear our girls suits that expose our vaginas. I get such a warm feeling. It is cool to see that guys get that opportunity as well!

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