I found the world’s hottest men’s sport tights!



If you follow my blog you know I have been searching high and low for workout tights aka compression tights that are both functional while still being super sexy. I have found some nice designs but nothing that meets all my requirements those being tights that show off the detail of my ass, tights that are penis centric showing off that splendid cock shape and tights that fit like a second skin. The most important thing is that are designed to be used in public. I wanted tights I could workout in at the gym, go for a run or just kick around in them like the ladies do wearing spandex tights and yoga pants. I found them! We had to make them ourselves in order to have everything I wanted. We will be offering five different designs when we roll them out with our 2016 collection of suits and fetish wear. We are shooting to have both the tights and the suits ready in late November for the Holiday season. I have included a few photos of me in tights they are sure to look even better on the models. One is in a matt finish and the other in a four way stretch spandex. All the new tights are bulge pouch styles. The next designs we will work on will be male to female transformation tights.


Let me know what you think!

IMG_9273 IMG_9271 IMG_9284


6 thoughts on “I found the world’s hottest men’s sport tights!”

  1. Do you take pre-orders? Just kidding, I will be the first to order your tights, specially in white and in a black wetlook fabric like you told me!

    Damn hot, that pics make me horny as fuck!

  2. I like the look of the tights – I would also be interested in this pouch style with a very low waist

  3. and of course we will need a more sheer style as well.
    Great work. These will be a knockout seller!!

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