Super hot blog reader shares his photos!

Here are his photos and his words…Thanks for sharing that beautiful cock!  Send More!!!!!!!!!!!



Saw your invite to send some photos for your blog, so here goes.

This is one of my favorite recent purchases, the Diablo-insane.

Like a lot of koala suits I like to wear it in different configurations, as well as the intended one.

Here you see me in it with the large ring encompassing the balls as designed (3210), around the whole package (3204, 3209 my preferred), and finally pulled back to act as a anal spreader ring and just the single strap dividing my sack (3217, 3221).

I’ve got dozens and dozens of koala suits. All photographed either solo or with female models, if you want more just let me know.

Rob x (UK)

Men’s Swimwear  Home of the Diablo line of cock displays and so much more!

IMG_3204 IMG_3217 IMG_3221 IMG_3210 IMG_3209

Working in the Warehouse wearing a Wet Works Thong

Working in the warehouse and the office can be quite a chore but it is so much more fun when I am trying on sexy spandex. The Wet Works Thong is one of our most popular swimsuits and one of my personal favorites because of its fantastic fit. The ultra-small shaft display is a look I enjoy and it is extremely comfortable for an entire day at the beach or around the office. The color is eye catching and the thong rear is as good as it gets. Feel free to send your
spandex photos at home, work, on vacation or your favorite beach. I would love to post them.

Men’s swimwear


IMG_0517 IMG_0519 IMG_0524 IMG_0539