Coming up for air and a being a princess at the beach

Sorry I have not been posting much this last week but since we have added the new suits and tights to Koalaswim we have been so busy, we have been getting spanked! I had a minute today to take a gulp of air and write a little something.  I did sneak away for a couple of hours last week when it was beautiful out. I need to get my dose of sunshine here and there. I hit the beach and found a bunch of girls doing the same. Why not I thought and slipped on the new Clever Girl thong. This design is so perfect. It is completely feminine and the white t-back against my tan ass looked gooood.  Being out there with all the girls I knew I blended in completely though I was the only topless one. I was just a little princess enjoying the beach. My next time out will be a pouch style suit so I can be a little sun prince.

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