Beach withdrawals, Beach Cam and other news



It has been almost two weeks since I have been to the beach and I think I am having withdrawals. I have been wearing a little thong and I love the new tan line but would like to get it darker. It would help if we had some sunny days, this is worse than trying not to eat sugar.  I’m not sure if I shared this site before but I love once there click on Venice beach. It is like having a live window on the beach no matter where you are.  We just got a load of back orders in today and we should be completely up to date with our backorders by Friday.  Speaking of Friday I am meeting with my girls to try on many of the new designs we have been working on. Our last collection was so late I don’t anticipate this collection being available until late July but I will keep you informed. I should be posting more details after my meeting. The other big news is based on all the male to female transformation suits we have sold especially the Slinky Gear, Cleaver Girl, New Girl in Town, Lady Gear Shorts and Lady Gear Micro Shorts I am expecting to see a lot of very sexy guys at the beach this summer.



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