I just tried on some amazing new designs.

It sounds kind of conceited saying I just tried on some amazing new designs when I am the one who designed them but the truth is a draw them out but my girls are the ones doing the amazing part of the work. So when I say they are amazing I mean them not myself.

I tried on six new designs today and on top of them being great they were also perfect. It is very rare that the design comes out exactly how my vision was of it on the first try but that is what happened today. All six are ready for production without having me try them on again. We should have seven more new designs ready next week to try on including some that use an Ass Spark and one’s that use butt plugs, should be fun! I will post details about the new designs in the coming days.


Men’s Swimwear

5 thoughts on “I just tried on some amazing new designs.”

  1. Hi
    Your tights are fantastic mind you am a bit surprised by the double lined pouch. This is Koalaswim!
    Would love to see a sheer pair for wearing around home. That sheer material you used in the older designs Inmate (blue) and Deviant Sheer (yellow) is fantastic. Still some of my fav designs the way it clings after wearing for a time.
    Bring on the sheer shorts and tights!

    1. I tried it without the double panel but there was not enough support for a workout plus it ended up being almost completely sheer.
      I might add sheer in the future.


  2. this Sounds GREAT…. can’t wait to See them all,

    Would love a Suit that could Work with a P.A Piercing I know you could come up With Something.. 😉

  3. Hi,

    I want to order a Slinky Girl Thong and i’m not sure if my penis (6in soft) will fit in the design. Are your designs only targeted towards people with small penises?

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