New design for the spandex freak.


Many of the new designs we work on come from customer input while others come from a direct need from my wants and desires. I was going to the beach one day last month and I wanted a matt rubber look thong swimsuit with a low cut pouch that just handled my cock and a thong rear that fit my ass perfectly. I realized we did not have exactly what I wanted so I had the design made. More often than not a design I really want ends up being one our customers want too. Spandex freaks unite I’ll be at the head of the line.


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2 thoughts on “New design for the spandex freak.”

  1. I’d like to thank you for liberating so many men, whether they see themselves as gay, bi or straight. As you say, you’ve been creating your wonderful designs for a long time, so I’m sure you caught a ton of shit from most of society. But, thanks to your big brass pair, society has gradually begun to embrace your vision and we all owe you a huge thanks.

    I’m a 61 year old married man who recently became a nudist with my wife. My dick got sunburned one day on a beach in Santorini. My wife had bought one of your suits as a surprise – the Supercharged with the butt plug. I loved it from the moment the plug went in. It was such a thrill that a quick BJ was required before I could leave the room.

    I want you to know I was stopped at least ten times by men, women and couples who wanted to know where I’d bought it. I wish I’d had business cards of yours to pass out.

    Anyway, I wish you continued business success, good health, and personal happiness – you’ve earned it.

    Your Fan for Life,

    Matt Foster
    Silver Spring, Maryland

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