New items and new design


We did the a photo shoot this last weekend for our new male chastity , Oxball & cock ring products along with an amazing new item called the Ass Spark Stallion. They will all be added to the site in the next few days. I think you will be very impressed.

One of the new suit designs I was talking about in the last post is a male to female transformation thong style suit. It has a similar front to our monster best selling Clever Girl thong but with a very interesting twist. I was wearing the Clever Girl at the beach recently and like many of our customers I was blown away by how completely feminine this design lets you be. Looking at it I thought I could go even more extreme for some of you totally crazy femme boys by switching the solid panel that flattens your penis holding the shaft inside of you to a sheer panel. It worked wonderfully and the penis flattened and held down by the sheer panel creates a beautiful design that I feel can be used on any beach. My thinking is; we know it’s sheer but anyone looking at it would see your beautiful vagina lips and just a great looking design created by the shaft pressed against sheer. The only issue might be all the pre-cum flowing out, maybe that’s just my issue.



Men’s Swimwear