Girls and Boys

After all these years I am still blown away by how much more comfortable women at the beach are in their own skin. Now as you know I love seeing people of all shapes and sizes wearing micro swimwear, to me it is more about the thrill that they have taken the plunge, male or female. The other day I was on my favorite beach and like all very hot summer days the beach was packed. There were a couple Spanish speaking girls right next to me wearing hybrid thong G-strings. The flat of the back is partially covered but the ass is fully exposed. These women were plump, not fat but very healthy. I am in awe of how easily they were moving through the crowds with just about everything exposed. They were playing in the water and taking a walks on the beach. You could see by looking at them there was not an ounce of self consciousness, not one once. I can’t tell you how wonderful I think that is and I wish I had their confidence.  Just because there is a small penis under my little bulge seems to hold me back at least a little bit. I guess I’m still a work in progress.



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  1. Latin women are the best about that I think. Comfortable with showing a bit of skin and not obsessed with rail thin Hollywood bodies…..

    1. I agree they seem to be as a group very relaxed about showing skin and that turns me on!

  2. It’s has to do with the stigma of the ” speedo” and the constant descriptions of Florida older men wearing them. I have no business exposing all my flesh in a speedo now but I used to! I’m considering your ” spanked shorts” because I love the rear seam deep in my ass! But I also would like to see a 4-6″ inseam version ….. Thx!!!!

    1. Screw the Speedo’s I think you should go thong. Don’t be afraid to show some skin. It does not matter how old you are there are no limits.
      That said the micro shorts that show off some ass and a bulge or a male vagina are seriously hot!

      1. Amen to that. The Speedo brand suits cover too much for my taste. I wear much smaller bikinis or thongs or G-strings.
        Age should not matter as long as you are in good shape. Flaunt it!
        If women can wear tiny suits, why can’t men

  3. Saw a latina lady in her late 30’s with her daughter at the beach, not the perfect body, but really attractive, gorgeous and sexy in her tiny brazilian bikini that was showing 50% of her bubble butt. Small bandana top that was covering her huge breast. Damn, she was so hot that I was always checking her and I got really horny in my tiny bikini.

  4. Part of the issue is that it’s socially acceptable for a woman to show a lot skin, but men are not supposed to do it. Things for men have gotten even worse than it was in ’60s and ’70s when the average men’s suit was smaller than it is today. Those awful, droopy board shorts just won’t go away.

    I can understand your reluctance to be totally uninhibited when you are wearing your g-string at the beach and in crowds. Some years ago I was at a resort where they were holding a swimsuit contest for men and women. I got up my courage and walked over to it wearing a g-sting. There were a couple hundred people in the audience, and I really felt like backing out when I saw all of those people. Yet I figured it would be worse if I fled so I stayed.

    Everybody got up on stage. The MC interviewed each person, and then you to took a turn around the stage showing everything front and back. My heart was in my throat the whole time. When was my turn, the MC cracked up and so did the audience. I was able to say a name and where I was from without having my voice shake too much. Then I had my walk. The cameras were clicking and the flash bulbs were going off taking lots of “blackmail photos” over which I would have no control. I won the prize for “best fitting suit,” but it was still a bit of a nerve racking experience.

    Another time totally uninhibited friend and I were walking up the beach having a conversation about cars. I noticed that we were getting close to museum area where there was an old fort that was on the beach. I asked how far he usually went, and he said, “I go right up into the fort.” I should have turned back, but given his level of confidence I kept following him.

    We climbed the stairs up the fort and had started to walk around when a busload of fully clothed tourists arrived. Many of them looked like retirees. I was wearing the Nasty Bitch suit, and my friend was wearing even less, a strapless pouch. There were probably 50 to 60 people there, all of them clothed. I felt totally naked and embarrassed, but my friend was walking around as if he was a wearing a pair of jeans. I directed him toward the exit where upon he said, “Let’s go to the fishing pier! I always walk up that too.” I declined his offer and headed back down the beach.

    Looking back on it, I’m not sorry that I did it. It’s to explain, but situations like those two can be nerve racking, exciting and fun at the same time.

    1. I agree with the nerve racking part but we are trend setting opening the gates for men to be free. I will keep doing my share and I hope you do to.


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