Men’s Swimwear Trends. It’s looking Good!

OMG I love summer! I took the afternoon off the other day and went down to my favorite beach wearing my lovely little black G-string. I hope the June Gloom is officially gone though I realize it will still be there some mornings. Obviously I love the way a cock looks in a tiny little pouch and mine is no exception but I was happy my cock was so well behaved since there were so many people around me. Lots of single girls (by themselves) a very old guy in a bikini which I think is wonderful and I wish every man could be that confident. There were a couple other guys in thongs right in my general area and not very many guys older than teens wearing long shorts. I hope that is a sign of things to come this summer. In the USA this is a huge beach weekend with our 4th of July celebrations. I will keep my eyes peeled for the latest beach trends and I hope you do the same. Please post your 4th of July folly.



Men’s Swimwear

4 thoughts on “Men’s Swimwear Trends. It’s looking Good!”

  1. Two of my favorites are your strapless cock pouch styles and ass spark pouch with the anal insert. How about combining the 2 of them, like a C-Ring, without the waistband, which is unnecessary. Somebody gave me a blue ass spark pouch with the waist band and I very carefully removed the waistband and it worked just fine. I was a little hesitant about the bungee jumping contest, but it stayed on and I won first prize ;-O Jay Albertson

  2. Hi! I’d like to see a longer version of these! I like to display at a park as I walk and exercise. But the new crop of shorts don’t have a center seam that sinks in between the ass cheeks! I’d like to wear these but I would get hassled by the park police! Different colors too! I love when the spandex I wear gets wet and clingy ( and slightly see-thru)! Please consider this in a 6 ” or 4″ inseam with pouch up front and ass-seParating rear seam! Deeper the better!

  3. I really like your booty shorts As ” man haven” that have a seam that goes up the ass! I also like the pouch upfront but am not opposed to a seam in front also!!( male camel toe) . But I would like to see them available in a little longer length for more public consumption . I like to walk a public park in my spandex and it gets exciting as the get moist and clingy! I have had several comments and escapades at the park!!
    So please consider a tad longer version please!!!!!!!

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