Smoking Hot

It was smoking hot in LA this last weekend with a combination of extreme heat and huge amounts of smoke and ash all over the place from a huge fire just north of us.. The only part of the city not hit by that mess might have been the beach so that is where I headed with a buddy on Saturday. My friend Jake had never had on a sexy swimsuit but I talked him into wear a pair of Man Heaven Shorts and I went micro with a pair of Ballz. Heading to the beach there was so much smoke we almost turned around but I talked him into taking a look. As it turned out the only clear place in the city was the beach but literally a block off the water it was smoky. There was just enough of a breeze to keep the smoke at bay and to cool it off slightly. It was still one of the hottest days on memory for me, so hot I got a blister on my toe from the sand, that is something that never happens to my beach proof feet. Needless to say the beach was packed and Jake being a little shy made us walk a while until we found a relatively un-populated spot. I didn’t have the heart to tell him it would not be that way for long.  He looked so cute in those shorts but I could tell he was not completely confident about wearing them, I told him in no time I will be having him wearing swimsuits as tiny as mine.  Most of the readers of the men’s swimwear blog know that I prefer to layout around women because they are the most at ease with me wearing just about nothing. As it turned out Jakes first day wearing sexy swimwear would not be that way.


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