Hot beaches and over active police

HI guys I just wanted to let you know most of the sale suits including the ones from previous newsletters will be coming off sale the end of this month. You have a couple more days to get the best deals ever!

This last weekend was beach perfect and I spent both Saturday and Sunday afternoons enjoying the amazing weather. Saturday was packed with tons of people and I got some special attention from the police. Here in Los Angeles the police patrol the beaches throughout the day and I have never been bothered by them even when I wear completely sheer suits or penis shaped pouches. They tend to come up real close to me when I wear something like the Spicy Girl because I look so much like a woman that they seem to be checking me out to see if I am going topless (I am) but I think the bit of hair on my legs gives it away that and I’m more muscular than 90% of the girls. The hassles come from the police helicopter that cruise the beach looking for who knows what, seems like a colossal waste of money. If I am on my back or front no matter what type of suit I am wearing things are fine but when I try getting sun on my side is when it peak their interest. From the air I must appear completely nude so they hover above me in a tight circle taking a close look with their massive camera the same ones you see them use on the car chases. Everyone on the beach looks over to see what is happening and most often there is someone is drinking alcohol a huge no no in LA. All I need to do is roll over one way or another so they can see I am actually wearing something and they are on their way.  Next time I might just roll over and seductively pass my hand on my tight little pouch. Maybe that will turn them on.


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2 thoughts on “Hot beaches and over active police”

  1. Hi Michael,

    I’m a huge Koala fan and have a small but growing collection of your swimwear. I am particularly impressed with your tights. Though I haven’t had the courage to wear the pinnacle silky smooth tights during broad daylight, I do wear them when it’s 1am and no one is on the streets. It make me feel feminine, sexy and liberated especially with the groove going between my ass cheeks accentuating my plump ass. I have always wanted to try a particular type that looks super hot on girls: It is a medium heather gray color which is probably made from a mix of cotton/rayon and polyester and spandex. I have attached a couple of links videos to show you examples of what I mean. I hope you are able to produce something similar for guys in addition to a larger pouch area and the groove that goes in between the cheeks. This way they can double as lounge wear and gym wear!


  2. Was at the beach for a bit today in a thong. I agree, it’s a huge waste of time and money…

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