Keeping your skin looking great and ready for wearing micro suits.



I had a skin doctor appointment this week, all was fine but it reminded me of a product that he gave me the last time I was in. First off my check-up was great but of course he said I was way too tan, what can I say I enjoy being outside. He gave me a new sunscreen which I will try and let you know how well it works. Most sunscreens irritate my skin more than the sun. I might have posted this before but it is worth telling you about again. The skin lotion is CeraVe and I get it in the large jar. Over the years I have used many different skin lotions and my skin was so sensitive to them that I always had to stop using them and at one point that I was not using any for years. The CeraVe is a miracle and you can get it anywhere the local drug store, Target, Amazon and most supermarkets. It is not very expensive but I think it is worth its weight in gold. I get compliments on my skin all the time and that never used to happen. I love this stuff! PS I use it liberally on my face. No expensive face creams needed!


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