New suits, Transformation and male chastity.



The new designs are taking a long time to be finished and the biggest part of the problem is we keep selling out and having to fill back orders-orders of designs from our last few collections of suits. Our male to female transformation swimsuits, panties, tights and shorts have kept the girls busier than we could ever have imagined. It’s one of those good/bad problems. It’s great that so many men have tried these amazing designs and the fact is they are so popular that seven of the new designs out of a total of thirteen new styles from our up-coming collection will be feminine conversion suits. We do ship a lot of them to our transgender customers but we send even more to men who like me are interesting in experiencing that side of ourselves. The down side is; it is taking a long time for us to get the new collection out.  I know our ladies are doing their best to get it all done and I will keep you informed.

On the male chastity side of things a lot is going on. A couple of weeks ago we were supposed to shoot a couple new products but I decided to put it off because I knew more products were on their way. Well the photo shoot is set for July 27 and we have so many new items you will be blown away, I know I am.  There will be sixteen new styles of male chastity cock cages all in stainless steel with some very unusual, erotic, extreme sensual and many styles unlike any cages you have ever seen before. We have a couple of new penis torture devices and one of the most exciting new products is a new stainless steel butt plug designed to work with all our butt plug powered swimsuits!  It should be fun.



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6 thoughts on “New suits, Transformation and male chastity.”

  1. I was thinking about getting a gaf, I already do the “feminization thing” with 2 thongs. But after looking at some of your feminization designs I was wondering instead of a gaf, which of your designs should I get to completely look like s girl in my tight jeans or pencil skirt?

    1. I have the Pink Lips, Girl Crazy, and Clever Girl thongs and Party Girl bikini. The bikini doesn’t provide the same level of compression over the part that gets “tucked in” as the thongs, so if you tend to get semis I’d recommend a thong over a bikini. All the suits give the same “girl not wearing underwear” look under tight jeans, but the sheer fabric in Pink Lips and the window in Girl Crazy gets a bit irritating after a couple hours.

      tl;dr: I’d recommend Clever Girl.

      1. Protip: If you want a flatter appearance under tight clothing, you can wear a regular pair of panties over the MtF panties. Pick a style that doesn’t have a center seam.

  2. Spoilt for choice – I can’t work out which thong will give the best result for what I want.
    Out of all the thongs that create a totally smooth pussy look from the front by pulling cock & balls back; which one is best to go with that allows for cock & balls to be pulled back to the max (& firmly stay in place) thereby exposing the maximum amount smooth pussy when looking from the front?
    Any comments advice would be much appreciated

    1. Hi Drew all the smooth look pussy style suits work very much the same but you might pick one with adjustable sides to get the absolute most pull back.


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