The August Koala Newsletter and Sale



I hope you make the time to read our latest Koala newsletter which is just being sent out tonight via e-mail. This link will give you an early edge on the sale items. The August Newsletter sale is one of the largest this year and I hope you find my article interesting.

August Koala Newsletter


One thought on “The August Koala Newsletter and Sale”

  1. That’s awesome that you and your suits are such a draw for people, esp girls in thongs. Wish people were like that here in Asia where I currently live.

    Looking forward to the new line of m2f transformation suits, I’ve been a fan for a long time and Secret Wish is still one of my favs. I’m just hoping you’ll have a suit with a y string back (like what strippers wear) or one with a tiny tiny thong triangle back like some of the women’s micro thong brands. I find the backs of Koalas thong suits to be a tad big, but that’s just me

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