New store is up and a spandex question for you.


The new store is online and orders are already flowing in. Thanks! It could take up to 48 hours for your internet carrier to propagate the new site to you.


I have a questions and I want your feedback….please.


I was working out yesterday with a girl that I know and she was wearing the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She is in her early thirties and a super hot Latina with an amazing build not to leave out that she is a fantastic person, having an insane sexy body is just a gift from the gods and her hard work. At this site we talk about skimpy cock centric designs the time and I don’t feel the need to be politically correct, I’m just going to say that Latin women tend to dress more provocatively them many other women and I love them for it. That might only be true here in LA but it is something I notice and enjoy seeing. This gal was wearing a spandex backless workout jumpsuit with my best guess no panties. Every bit of her body was completely there on display covered by a barley there thin layer of spandex. The suit clings to every nook and cranny. It is lucky that her nooks and crannies were absolutely flawless. My mouth was watering as was virtually every other guy in the gym. I’m sure a large amount of women were turned on too. It was such a seductive and sensuous look. I wish I could have borrowed them and tried them on. I just could not stop thinking about them and yes I know I am a spandex freak. Next time I see her I will ask what brand they are, order a pair and see how they feel. I know it would take some real changes to make them work for a man but I feel it might be worth it. What would you think about wearing something like that?


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5 thoughts on “New store is up and a spandex question for you.”

  1. I am always envious of females having so much more choice for clothes and whatnot, there is a serious lack of sexy stuff for males, I am happy you like to fill at least the underwear part off it.
    If you delve into more suits and clothes spanning the bridge of females designs onto males, you have my attention.

  2. Hi Michael,

    First off, congratulations on th renew website. It looks fantastic and is much easier to navigate! No regarding the backless spandex jumpsuit, it’s definitely not something I would wear to to the gym or beach. While it looks great on in-shape women, I doubt it would work on men. Instead, how about we get some of those thin grey heather cotton/spandex leggings that lots of women wear? Those are incredibly sexy and men could wear those to the gym, club or lounge at home. Even better would be those thin heather grey cotton/ spandex booty shorts where part of the cheek is showing. As soon as you bend over, the majority of the cheek shows? Those would be incredibly hot! I’m FAR more likely to realistically wear those than a backless jumpsuit. Plus, peeing would be much easier with leggings or shorts!

  3. I’ve tried leotards, unitards, and one-piece swimsuits a while ago, but this was before I found Koalaswim’s MtF suits; I’m sure having the cock tucked in would make a world of difference in how such clothing fits.

    If you’re talking about trying to find spandex clothing for male anatomy, dancewear companies like Capezio already own that market, usually cut with a little extra room for padding in the dance belt. For something like the jumpsuit you described, you might want to go to your local dancewear retailer and look in their jazz section.

  4. I’d love one of those!! I think they’re the sexiest thing. especially if they go right up between the ass cheeks.

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