Male to female transformation and sex

Male to female transformation and sex


I’m in a horny mood this morning and rather than working I would love be to having my pussy licked. Technically that would be my cock but for all intensive purposes once I slip on a Changed Man Bikini I look and even more important I feel like I have a vagina. There is no penis there and my brain feels feminine at that point. I have used this design and many of the other male to female transformation styles when having sex. It makes little difference whether it is a man or woman eating you out because the role play is so extreme as to expand your entire understanding of what a sexual experience can be. It is just a wicked little day dream right now but we will see how it plays out tonight!


Some things I can never mention enough and the one thing today worth mentioning is the new Blog at I am adding more albeit for the most part shorter posts than you see here but I am hitting more subjects that guys and gays like you and me enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Male to female transformation and sex”

  1. Still looking forward to the new neoprene suits. I hope they will be no-adjustment-necessary suits like the Party Girl and Clever Girl, but I also hope that the inner seaming will be different; the elastic tape in those gets uncomfortable quickly, so I usually wear them inside out if I’m wearing them under clothing.

  2. Wish I could be there in my Koala’s fem wetlook tights and play together, that would be wonderful. So have you found a partner to eat your pussy lips?

    Also, I really love your new blog on Koala’s main site!

    What suits should I wear tonight for some kinky games with a sexy latina babe and my lady?

    Keep it sexy!

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