Neoprene swimwear has arrived and is in stock now.

I am so excited to announce that our two new neoprene swimwear designs are now in stock and ready to ship. They are the “Skin Diver Bikini and the Wet Slut Thong” both are semi femme style designs but if you drop a size lower than your usual size i.e. if you are medium think about going with a small to get a total femme smooth vagina look. Wearing neoprene is a totally different experience than wearing spandex but it is still totally erotic and sensual.



3 thoughts on “Neoprene swimwear has arrived and is in stock now.”

  1. Hello Michael,

    It’s been over a year since the last collection came out (I don’t think 2 neoprene suits can be called a collection). Have you stopped designing new suits or did I miss something?
    I’d love to purchase one of the Neoprene suits but would prefer to share the shipping fee to France on more than one suit.

    Looking forward to lots of new stuff!!

    1. Our production has been extremely slow and we are working on adding new capacity. The new designs are ready to be made and we hope to have the additional people working on them next month.

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