Two old friends. Ass Spark designs we thought were gone for good.



Two of our best selling Ass Spark styles are back from the dead and it only took us begging non-stop for three months! We have just added to the site under “Plugs and Ass Sparks” and under “Cock Rings the Cherry Bomb and the Tear Drop Ass Spark. These designs will work great with any Ass Spark powered swimsuit and is a fantastic addition  to any spandex design when you want to fill up the pouch to the max while enjoying some thoroughly intense anal stimulation. God I love the sound of those words:-)

If you are in LA this weekend I hope to see you wearing very little at Venice Beach, it should be very nice on Saturday and I plan on being there maybe even wearing a Tear Drop Ass Spark. Look for the guy with a huge smile on his face.