Ass Update-Squats are working great

Ass Update-Squats are working great



I was talking to a friend yesterday and the truth is I would like to be doing something to help change the world but at the moment I am just doing something to change the shape of my ass. He pointed out that I do make a contribution to change by making it easier for many men to experience change through spandex enlightenment. Letting men feel their feminine self and letting men express themselves in a more sexual manner. I thanked him for the pick me up but at the moment I still feels like I am putting more into my ass. On that note I am getting much better results with the now 300 squats a day I am doing versus any other form of lifting. I am doing squats with a fifty pound dumbbell and have been amazed by how quickly changes happen with those large glute muscles. In two weeks my ass has shaped up faster than doing any type of weight exercise on any other part of the body. Fuller, rounder and tighter ass, I wish that it was that easy to build my chest that way.


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The Depth Charge

Intense anal pleasure anytime all the time.


The Tear Drop Ultra

An Ass Spark combo cock ring anal plug with attitude!



The Tango is the answer to that age old problem of spandex pre-cum spots along with being a whole lot of fun to use.

Something new cums this way.



We have a new product coming out late next week called the Tango. The Tango is a pre-cum/cum dam that fits over the head of the penis keeping all those juices inside with nothing left to spill out. I was so excited to find the Tango since I have been looking for something like this for years. Something I could wear under any swimsuit, shorts or tights that would keep me from getting those big wet spots I always get while wearing spandex, I know many of you have the same issue. The Tango is a soft clear silicone head cover with a little separate dam to collect the juices. It can be used all day long, is easy to clean, looks great** and feels amazing. Once on it stays on and it is easy to get over any cock head no matter how large or small. I have already used it extensively at the gym while wearing Koala bulge style tights and it works great. There is an additional benefit some of you might like. **the Tango makes your cock look much larger and it keeps it looking large and natural. For you boys into wearing the feminine style designs we have tested it with those too and it is soft enough to almost completely flatten out while still staying firmly attached to your penis. A win, win, win.



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One sun day one squat day


Here in LA Tuesday was one of those perfect eighty degree sunny days made for wearing a micro swimsuit which in fact is exactly what I did on my lunch break. I was hoping for the same today after all there are few things as fun as slipping on a micro suit to enjoy the sun and strut your stuff. That was not in the cards today. It was warm enough but lots of clouds and too much work. I actually had lunch in front of my computer. I was still able to sneak in some spandex fun. I have been doing two hundred extra squats per day at work using a fifty pound dumbbell. I wanted to add some spice to my workout and decided to wear a thong. Wearing a thong and nothing else I was able to make sure my form was perfect using the mirror with a direct view of my ass, sweating the reps with spandex and a hard cock makes it a much more fun experience. While doing squats with a thong on the deeper the bend the more stimulation from it rubbing your hole. I wish I could wear nothing but a thong at the gym.


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Questions about Neoprene Fashions

Questions about Neoprene Fashions


The new Koala neoprene bikini and thong have been going great in fact so much so that we are going to be adding more neoprene styles and I wanted to ask you boys some questions. As many of you already know the two styles we offer now, the Wet Slut and the Skin Diver are both transformation style suits that give you a complete feminine look. I would like to know if you would like more male to female transformation designs or you would like to see bulge style neoprene thongs and bikinis. If it seems like the demand is there we will most likely do both types.


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