Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Neoprene and new product update.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Neoprene and new product update. 
It’s Sunday afternoon and I am typing away when I should be on the beach. It is 
so nice out but we are putting on a birthday party tonight so it is all chores 
around the house today with a little time to do a blog post. I was lucky enough 
to spend yesterday at the beach and it was extremely close to perfect. I have 
always said that when I sunbathe wearing one of my micro swimsuits it seems to 
attract other people wearing extreme swimsuits too. Most often it is women but 
yesterday wearing a tiny little almost nothing suit turned out to be a total man 
magnet.  Being somewhat of an exhibitionist like many of you fellow spandex 
lovers I tend to enjoy any attention my little swimsuit attracts. 
If I get enough work done today I’m sure I will be able to catch a few more rays 
one day during the week. 
I talked to the girls working on our three new neoprene swimwear designs and we 
should have full stock within the next two weeks. I guess a photo shoot is in my 
near future.  Chastity alert! We have a number of new male chastity cock cage 
designs on their way adding to what must be the largest selection of male 
chastity devices found in one place anywhere on the planet at least that is our 
goal. We have some other very interesting anal training products along with some 
very cool new cock rings coming soon too. 
Don’t forget about the Koala Newsletter Sale. It’s almost over but you still 
have time to shop!