Wrestling Singlet’s…Just an idea. Feedback please!!!!!!!

Wrestling Singlet’s…Just an idea. Feedback please!!!!!!!


A very good customer called the other day and asked about wrestling singlet’s, those cute one piece spandex suits that the amateur wrestlers wear. I said there are a lot of companies that offer them,  his response was not with the type of bulge and Femme style pouches we make.  That is true enough and the more I thought about it the hotter the idea seemed. How about a skin tight wrestling suit with a Koala style bulge pouch or the same with a camel toe style male to female transformation pouch. I’m getting wet thinking about them.


I would like to know what you boys and girls think about that idea?

Let me know

Michael David



3 thoughts on “Wrestling Singlet’s…Just an idea. Feedback please!!!!!!!”

  1. That would be fantastic. I would buy both, specially if you make an open butt style. It need to be make in some wetlôok fabric too ( black, steel grey and red).

    Keep it sexy!

  2. There was a thong leotard by a now-defunct company made called a “fielder leotard.” It looked very sexy. Something similar to that with an internal sleeve for my cock would be preferable

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