Getting beach ready, how do you do it.

Getting beach ready, how do you do it.

Its spring and now is one of the best times of the year to make that beach body push. We all know how hard perfection is and for the most part we will leave that for the models. That said there is no reason to not try to improve what you have and now that spring is here use those beach days cannot be too far behind. The best month of the year to start a work out, intensify a workout and to tune up your diet is March. Why is March perfect? It’s perfect because it gives you just enough time to get ready for the time of the season when the shirts come off and the micro swimsuits are slipped on. You might not make it to a six pack but you have enough time to look better and most of all feel better. I’m just like everyone else and when it’s still cold outside I want to eat more, for me it is all that candy that looks even better then it’s usual seductive self. Now! Right as I type this last line I’m starting to make my big push! You can too.

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One thought on “Getting beach ready, how do you do it.”

  1. Step 1: grab swimsuit and towel.
    Step 2: head to beach.
    Well, that worked well enough last week. Not looking to impress anyone, though, but I don’t think anyone was tempted to roll me back into the ocean.

    Since we’re now in Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, I have more time to get ready. 😉 This Victorian is not expecting to need to be beach-ready until December.

    In terms of preparation, I do prefer to trim a little first, especially for the brief suits. I don’t want to remove the hair completely, just reduce it while not being obvious that I’ve done anything, so it’s clippers over most of the body with a #3 or #2 attachment. #3 is safe whereas I find a #2 might mean they are obviously short as they don’t overlap each other sufficiently. This also seems to save on sunscreen, as a lot seems to end up on the hair if it is untamed!

    For the pubic area, I try to blend it in with the rest of the body so that the transition in hair type is not noticeable for those low-rise suits. I don’t trim here, but instead use a disposable rubber glove and pluck the hair that I can grab and leave behind the shorter and thinner ones. I just keep going until I’m happy I have the blending right. It then appears the hair is even right to the waist band, no matter where it sits.

    I am beginning to wonder if a single laser session may be worthwhile to tone down the hair without completely removing it.

    The other preparation is the tan, which can be a challenge, especially since I don’t want multiple graduations from different suits. I’m wondering if I can find somewhere close to work where I could lay out ahead of summer during my lunch break. Tanning in public parks is unheard of Downunder, let alone in a suit worthy of generating a top tanline, but its a tempting thought.

    Loosing a few kilos is always on the to-do list, but may be the hardest. Should do something in the strength and cardio areas.

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