Have you ever tried wearing a micro bikini or less at a water park?

Have you ever tried wearing a micro bikini or less at a water park?

I would love to hear from you about your experiences at and which water park you went to. I have not been to a water park for years but I do remember going to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor with a friend. She was wearing a tiny bikini and so was I. Lot’s of people were staring but I know more people these days are wearing them even at water parks.

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  1. Back in the 90s when I lived in Italy, I went on holiday on the Adriatic coast for a week with a colleague and his wife. One day, we went to a waterpark and they both wore thongs – until then, I had thought my speedo suit was pretty daring, but suddenly it felt real conservative. I couldn’t take my eyes off them and loved the way they showed how proud they were of their bodies, even though neither of them had model figures. The next day, we were in the local town and I bought a bright red thong made of the most incredibly light material, I could hardly feel it when I put it on, and it made me look great. I wore it the next time we went to the waterpark, as well as to the beach and fell in love with the feeling it gave me.
    Eventually that first thong wore out, and I’ve never been able to find another one that felt or looked like it. But it got me into thongs and G-strings. 🙂

  2. My niece gave my wife and I a gift voucher to Peninsula Hot Springs, just out of Melbourne in Australia. It was for the more exclusive area, where there are a limited number of hot tubs of varying temperatures and themes, and a limited number admitted. The have a larger, more open area as well. I had never been before and was unsure of what the vibe or state of the water would be, so went for a brief style with ~3/4″ sides (about the most coverage I ever wear) with a patterned fabric that is not too delicate.

    Going in the winter meant it was dark by the time we got there for the start of the session and quite chilly. We were all given a robe.

    Once we got in we found it to be very pleasant, with winding stone-paved paths among the foliage and sparse lighting on a hill side. The limited numbers meant there was almost always enough space in the next pool.

    I was the only guy not in shorts, but the women (aged 18 to middle-aged, most looking like it was date night) varied from modest one-piece costumes to Brazilian bikinis. There may have been one thong on the more modest side, although the light and me leaving my glasses in the locker made it hard to tell without staring unduly. 😉

    Initially, I put on the robe as we wandered from pool to pool, but soon dropped that and just carried it. The cool air only served to make us more eager to discover the next pool. The water, we found out, was replenished from the springs daily. In hindsight a Brazilian brief with string sides would have been my preference and I could possibly have worn a thong without receiving comments. Possibly. Patterned fabric is good for hiding wet spots of another nature, since even when wet and in the dark, extra shine may give one away!

    Since the exclusive are closed one hour before the main area, we were permitted to change over to that area, where there were groups of all kinds, including families. Again, I was the only guy not in shorts, and did catch one comment (I couldn’t make out the words, but the tone wasn’t uncomplimentary), and did encounter one twenty-ish female in a genuine thong one piece.

    All in all a great night out, and the opportunity to be a little daring in your selection of suit, should you take the same experience.

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