How willing are you to be almost completely nude in public?

How willing are you to be almost completely nude in public?

Many of you blog readers like myself are used to going out on busy beaches virtually nude no matter how many people are there. I’m also pretty sure there are many of you that wear them around your house or under your clothing (a very sexy thing to do) but have not yet dared to be seen in public let alone by huge crowds on busy beaches. I know you would love to do it but you need to get up the courage after all not everyone is a born exhibitionist. I feel I am now but I remember how hard it was to go out wearing a little bikini let alone a thong or G-string. I started off wearing Speedo’s though today I would try wearing micro shorts if it was my first time and work my way to smaller and smaller swimsuits. Showing off some cheek like wearing a pair of Perfection Shorts is a nice place to start and shoot for a tiny bikini don’t worry a thong will not be to far behind.

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One thought on “How willing are you to be almost completely nude in public?”

  1. I tend to be guided by the vibe of the beach, and I only seem to be managing to get to conservative family beaches lately, where there may be one girl in a thong (who gets away with it, of course). It’s rare that I see any guys in a brief and my briefs with 1″ or slightly less on the sides are usually the most daring I encounter. Even then, this summer I pushed a little further by going to 1/4″ string-side briefs a few times and/or slightly sheer when wet.

    At the quieter end of the beach, still popular with walkers, I was a bit more daring, particularly on quieter weekdays, with a thong or mild shaft style, trying to time entering and leaving the water when no one was passing by. Wasn’t always successful. 😉

    When using the kayak, one also has a little more freedom, once underway.

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