My calling, a swimwear story

My calling

Many people say that your work is a calling if it is something you love to do, if it is something you are drawn to, if it is something you feel will help other people. Well what I do which is make micro swimwear, spandex sex wear and now I design male chastity cages and other fetish things I am most definitely drawn too, I actually do love it. I was into most of this long before I was in the business of it. There is no question I am a spandex freak at heart and I have been ever since I laid eyes on my first girl’s bikini and knew I would have to have one like that for me. I do feel the suits we make including but not limited to the male transformation designs do help other people. They help other people get in touch with their true inner selves, our designs help people express who they are, they allow people to experience pleasures and freedoms that are new and exciting to them. Knowing that it is a calling helps me handle all the little problems that sometimes feel huge when you are running a small business. Feeling the love from our customers definitely helps.

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  1. I had a pair of bottle green nylon Speedos as a kid and always felt a little self-conscious in them on family days at the beach. (Actually I thought they were pretty hot, but didn’t feel comfortable with that role then.)

    As I got older, the first time back at the beach was with my new girlfriend, who was unimpressed with my old Stubbies (short Australian work shorts no longer available), which split anyway.

    She bought me a pair of black basic briefs (3″ sides), and once I was used to them, felt comfortable with the idea of going briefer, although this was challenging in the pre-internet age.

    After getting married we discovered Hom with a sleek look and 1″ sides in solid colours (including a lime green pair which are sheer when wet, although lined in front). These were my mainstay for a number of years. Finding a Hom G-string on a clearance rack was a bonus, even if it’s too radical for my wife, except for the quietest beaches.

    The coming of the internet age broadened things considerably, especially once I discovered the Koala website. These days it’s usually a suit with 1″ sides or less, ideally a back with around half coverage, or a bit less if I think I can get away with it, and a front with a snug fit and generally unlined. I never swim in board shorts. Any shorts at the beach are only as a coverup for what’s underneath.

    Tanning this summer in the back yard was in a Koala Playful bikini, just for the tan lines. Awesome.

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