The best vacation spots for thongs, G-strings and Sexy swimwear.

The best vacation spots for thongs, G-strings and Sexy swimwear.

Ok so here are a some of my favorites but please, please list some of yours. The more people know about the prime spots the more guys will be showing up in micro suits. That’s my agenda!

Pacific Beach, San Diego, Blacks Beach La Jolla, Baker Beach San Francisco, MDR Beach, Playa Del Ray, Venice Beach and Will Rodgers in Los Angles though there are many more, Little Beach and Mai Poona Beach in Maui. Those are some of mine now let’s hear about your favorites. They can be beaches at lakes or oceans.

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One thought on “The best vacation spots for thongs, G-strings and Sexy swimwear.”

  1. Thanks for the list, Michael – I’ll be sure to go to one or two if I ever make it to California or Hawaii.

    I never had any boos or catcalls when I wear a regular thong on a beach anywhere in France or Italy (nothing as provocative as a Koala design, it has to be said, though.)

    Last year we went to Fuerteventura and both wore thongs around the hotel pool: there were a few women of all ages topless and one or two thong bikinis. A couple of days later a Spanish guy appeared wearing a light blue thong that went pretty transparent when wet, showing off his PA. On the beaches, totally nude is completely accepted, but as I personally find thongs or g-strings sexier, I wear one there too.

    In Germany, there’s a clear difference between East and West. In the east, naturism ( they call it FKK) was almost a religion until the Wall came down, and people of a certain age there are still generally more comfortable with public nudity than pretty much anywhere else I’ve ever been. There’s never any problem with people stripping off completely and just hanging out. Maybe that’s why thongs are pretty rare. Attitudes seem to be changing, though, probably influenced by more conservative westerners and the media. That said, the only time I ever saw a guy in public with a cock display suit was in arch-conservative Bavaria…

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