at will you be wearing spring and summer?

What will you be wearing spring and summer?

If you are anything like me you have your favorite micro swimsuits that you stick with but we also tend to add some new designs each year to keep things fun. I’m just starting to think about what styles I want to be wearing in the spring and summer. It’s still cold in LA where I am and my guess is it’s even colder where you are right now but we know the warm weather is coming and we need to be ready for fun at the beach, by the pool, at the lake and if you are on the real risqué side at your gyms pool.

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  1. Well I was hoping to wear one design of the new collection you promised for quite a while now, but don’t seem to materialize. Is it abandoned completely or did I miss something ?

    1. I am slaving to get it done…actually me and the girls but I do have an update. We really should be shooting all the new suits in two weeks and they should be onsite in three…I hope!!!!!

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