What is the perfect size for men’s shorts?

What is the perfect size for men’s shorts?

Not long ago when it came it came to men wearing shorts it was the longer the better to the point of being totally ridiculous. There were shorts that were as long as capri style pants. Over the last few years the tide has turned.  We were seeing more form fitted shorter shorts and then Koalaswim.com jumped in with real short shorts for men. We are talking about showing cheek just like the girls do. Head turning shorts with interesting front pouch designs including everything from micro bulge to bulge enlargement, actual penis shaped front pouches (not very subtle but loads of fun to wear) and my personal favorite styles the male to female transformation pussy look pouch. When I wear shorts to work out in or to run at the beach I almost always go for the feminine look, it is just too much fun to pass up. I do wear bulge style shorts when I feel like showing off but with my small penis, I always use a cock ring to push the package out and keep the bulge filled to the max.

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  1. Back in the ’80s, the classic Australian work shorts were the Stubbies brand. They still seem to be available: https://www.totallyworkwear.com.au/stubbies-workwear-se2010-stubbies-original-cotton-drill-short-black.html#80=4564&142=4610 although I cannot remember the last time I saw a pair. They were worn by just about every bloke during the summer, whether they were a garbo, chippie, or a kid on a bike. While not being the shortest, they did have a tendency to bunch up at the front of the leg holes. A return to that length would be an option that you could perhaps wear anywhere.

    The running short is another option that could be interesting in a Koala take. Rounded side split, built-in support (lots of room for interpretation there), and perhaps a ‘breathable’ fabric. It would be more subtle than the existing options and wearable anywhere you may go for a run, but still with some room for a surprise.

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