New May Koala newsletter

May Koala Newsletter

New Swimwear Designs:

Just in time for summer! The new Koala swimwear designs are here and what a crazy journey it has been to get these new designs made. Half the battle is that we have been so busy trying to keep up with the backorders for our regular inventory that we have not had time for the new suits. I am not willing to send our swimwear production overseas. Before I did that, I would stop making swimwear. We are extremely proud to say that they are made in Los Angeles, California, USA. I am happy to say that we have completed thirteen new designs (13 is my lucky number!) and we have them all in stock! Within weeks of you reading this newsletter, we should be doing the new suit photo shoot. Our new designs include a number of super-hot male to female transformation styles, micro pouch bikinis and thongs along with sexy micro short shorts. They are so amazing and excited that I can’t wait for you to see them!!!

Micro Cock Cages

I had no idea so many men had small cocks until we started selling Micro Cock Cages. The micro cages are, by a huge margin, our best-selling male chastity devices.  It has shown us that  the smaller the better. To think all these years, I thought almost everyone had a bigger penis than mine! The eunuch cage and the munchkin cage are so small that the wearers, including myself, appear have balls only since the shaft is so compressed and totally hidden away. Is it any wonder that so many guys who are into wearing chastity devices are also into transformation suits?

Guys, I would love to know what the girls think about your tiny little tan line. I have had nothing but a tiny tan line since I was sixteen years old. I have been totally shaved, waxed, plucked and laser hair removed since my late teens; hairless down there. I have had all sorts of reactions to my smooth, sexy, hairless body. Today, seeing women completely hairless is the default, and it is fairly common for men, too. Still, sometimes people have interesting comments about it. Feel free to send some of the ones you have heard, and I will post them in a future newsletter or on the

New Resin Micro Cock Cage

This new micro fills the gap for a real micro male chastity device made of bio sourced resin. The Plastic Cage is great for travel, including air travel. They make wonderful long-term devices as they are extremely easy to clean and comfortable to wear. This new cage also comes with four different ring sizes, which make it ideal for men new to the chastity lifestyle. It is also wickedly pretty. Just imagine how awesome it will feel learning about chastity cages at the same time you are enjoying a pretty plaything.

Two New Hot Micro Stainless Steel Male Chastity Cages

The Little Toot Cock Cage

The Canned Heat Cock Cage

A small cock deserves to have beautiful packaging, and both of these compact little cages provide all the safety and security your penis wants and requires. Two totally different looks but the same incredible construction. Both of these new designs are from our exclusive “Hand Made Series” that feature incredible quality, unbeatable price, and a look that will ensnare you and your cock.

Idea for New Tights and Total Feminine Tights to be Used with Our Transformation Designs

I love wearing tights! I also know many men who are into spandex are also into tights. It is a natural progression. While pondering tights the other day and seeing how awesome they look on many of the girls bodies, a thought came to me. The thought was about how well would transformation designs look when being worn under those super sexy women’s tights?  I, personally, believe the look would be incredibly hot. Therefore, I have ordered some of the sexiest women’s tights designs, including high waist cuts and scrunch butt styles, to see how it would look. I understand that “off the shelf” women’s tights are not a great match for even a feminized male body, but I’m just testing the concept. If I think it can be stunning, the same tights can be made with measurements to make our male bodies totally feminine and, I hope, ridiculously sexy!

XXX Update to this story: We have been testing different designs. I am already in love with some of the ones that go deep inside your ass. With our transformation suits being used as panties, the tights appear so female. I don’t think you can tell my vagina from any other girl’s who happen to be in the vicinity.  If you want to show your feminine side, this is the perfect lip look to excite. Stay tuned for more information. I do think we will be offering them soon and you never want to miss a thing!


Open Sesame: The Ultimate Anal Trainer and Spreader

This is one of the most interesting products we offer. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a gaping hole or be capable of gaping your hole? Some of us can barely get a finger in there, but we are eager to try. Others have not yet tried anything anal, while many are very experienced in anal pleasure. These are the guys who already know the ecstasy that you can derive from the anal pleasure. Once it has been introduced to you will love anal play, including the demands of anal stretching. As many of you know, we offer a very popular line of swimwear designs that use our custom hole stretching plugs. These range from a minimum of 1.5” wide all the way up to a monster 3.5” baby, and many sizes in between. There are many of us who cannot even handle a 1.5” plug.  Now, that is where the Open Sesame steps up to the plate. Starting with the smallest amount of pressure, using the Open Sesame allows you to build up the amount of stretching action.  It is adjustable to extremely small increments while also being very easy to use sd  to being extreme sensual fun. You can progress as slowly as you like. After all, there is no rush. The cool thing is you can see and feel your progress. Men who want to go huge try the giant plugs and handle giant toys. There may even be huge cocks for those that indulge in that and will not find a better training tool than the Open Sesame.

May Newsletter Sale-Biggest Sale of the Year Including Blow Out Specials!!

There are lots of hot designs for you to stock up on and, maybe, even a chance to change-up your summer styles.

There are few things more fun than playing dress up with your collection of hot swimsuits.

Not all designs are available in all sizes.  Sale $22.00  Sale $24.00 Sale $21.00  Sale $23.00  Sale $21.00  Sale $21.00  Sale $25.00  Sale $21.00  Sale $21.00  Sale $20.00  Sale $23.00  Sale $21.00  Sale $22.00  Sale $23.00  Sale $21.00  Sale $22.00  Sale $20.00  Sale $24.00  Sale $21.00  Sale $22.00  Sale $24.00  Sale $24.00  Sale $23.00

Blow Out!  Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00  Bow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00 Blow Out! $14.00  Blow Out! $14.00

Personal Note

Short and sweet.

One of the most important books I have ever read.

It should be required reading in our schools!

Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker

It is all about how the world is currently,  how it was  in the past, and where it is heading. Spoiler alert: it’s not all bad news like we see on TV, Radio, the internet and Social media. This book is an undertaking to read but well worth the effort. It literally brought tears to my eyes with some amazing insights. I cannot recommend this strongly enough.


Michael David

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  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on some of your new sexy tights. Allready got 5 of them and it’s some of the sexiest ones made for male on the planet. It’s always an sexual experience in itself to rock it in public and I’m horny thinking about trying some new ones.

    As a spandex freak like you, that’s some of the sexiest thing to wear.

    Keep it sexy!

    Nb. What fabrics will you use?

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